100+ Ideas to Get Your 3000 Watch Time Hours on YouTube for Monetization in 2023

Youtube has just Recently, in June 2023, relaxed some of the requirements to get into the YouTube Partner Program. This allows you to monetize your channel. This is a boon to smaller channels or channels still just starting. The big takeaway is you only need 500 subscribers and 3000 Watch Time hours instead of the previous 1000 subscribers and 4000 Watch Time Hours.

Here are some general rules of thumb, then afterward I’ll get into more than 100 ideas for your youtube to help you get to that 3000 watch time hour goal!

General Youtube Tips to Increase Watch-time:

Create high-quality videos. 

This is the most important factor in getting people to watch your videos and keep watching. Make sure your videos are well-produced, engaging, and informative.

If you want to get a lot of views and watch time, it’s important to choose a niche that is popular and has a lot of potential viewers.

Promote your videos. 

Once you’ve created a few high-quality videos, you need to promote them so that people will see them. You can promote your videos on social media, forums, and other online communities.

Collaborate with other YouTubers. 

Collaborating with other YouTubers is a great way to get exposure for your channel and reach a wider audience.

Run contests and giveaways. 

Running contests and giveaways is a great way to generate excitement and engagement around your channel.

Use end screens and cards to promote other videos. 

End screens and cards are a great way to keep viewers watching your videos and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.

Use relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions. 

This will help people find your videos when they search for relevant terms on YouTube.

Optimize your videos for mobile. 

More and more people are watching YouTube on mobile devices, so it’s important to optimize your videos for mobile viewing.

Keep uploading new videos. 

The more videos you have on your channel, the more opportunities you have to get views and watch time.

Be patient. 

It takes time to build a successful YouTube channel. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Just keep creating great content, promoting your videos, and engaging with your audience.

Specific Youtube Episode Ideas:

These following ideas might not all apply to your channel, but that’s what just might help you bump up your views if some of the above tips aren’t moving the needle. No matter what niche you are in, I’m sure you can find a way to merge these with the content of your channel.

1. Embrace the Video Diary: 

Start recording your everyday life and turn it into a vlog. Now, I’m not suggesting you document every time you eat a sandwich, but hey, if it’s a really good sandwich, who knows? It might just have a fascinating story to tell. Just remember to include some-sandwich-related content too.

2. Pets. Pets. Pets: 

Honestly, who can resist clicking on a cute dog or cat video? Dress up your pets, teach them tricks, or just record them doing cute things. If your pet is more of a diva and refuses to participate, no worries. Go find squirrels in the park, they are the unsung heroes of cute videos.

3. Don’t Neglect the Classics: 

Do challenges, reactions, unboxings, or cooking fails. The tried and true video formats are popular for a reason. Just don’t forget to put your unique spin on it. Like trying to do the watermelon challenge with a grape. Tiny challenge, big fun.

4. Niche it up: 

Find something you’re good at or know a lot about, and start making content about it. Whether you’re a champ at whistling, can perform coin tricks, or have the world’s largest rubber duck collection, there’s an audience for it.

5. Share your Fails: 

Now, I’m not saying you have to fall off a chair or walk into a door, but if it happens and you capture it on camera, YouTube gold. There’s a fine line between humor and tragedy, just make sure you land on the right side, preferably without injury.

6. The Art of Misdirection: 

The title and thumbnail are crucial. Make them click-worthy. But don’t mislead people into thinking they’re about to watch the next “Avengers” movie. Instead, offer something like “Epic Battle: Me vs. Laundry Mountain.”

7. Host a Watch Party: 

Invite your friends over for a YouTube marathon of your videos. Make popcorn, and serve snacks. Let the good times roll, and your watch hours rise. Make sure your friends are prepared for this unforgettable “watch and laugh at my pain” party.

8. Engage with Your Audience: 

Respond to comments, ask questions, do shout-outs. Building a community means people are more likely to watch more and stay longer. And who knows? Your most loyal fans might just start their fan clubs dedicated to analyzing every frame of your content.

9. Consistency is Key: 

Regularly post content, it doesn’t matter if your video is about the philosophy of a cartoon or how to perfectly butter a toast, just keep them coming. Remember, your followers are like plants, water them regularly with content, and they’ll grow.

10. Quality over Quantity: 

Make sure your videos are high quality, and by high quality, I don’t mean they need to be “Avatar” level CGI. Clear audio, decent lighting, and understandable content can go a long way. Unless your brand is “chaotic static” – then, by all means, follow your artistic vision.

11. Collaborations Are Key: 

Reach out to other YouTubers for collaborations. A great tactic would be to find someone who has a goldfish. Why? Because nothing screams entertainment more than a “day in the life of a goldfish” video.

12. Go Live: 

Live streams are a good way to accumulate watch hours. Just ensure you don’t accidentally livestream your nap, unless your snoring sounds like famous music tunes, then you might be on to something.

13. Tease Future Content: 

Leave cliffhangers at the end of your videos. No, I’m not suggesting a soap opera-style drama, but if that’s your style, then hey, “Will the banana bread ever make it out of the oven? Find out in the next episode!”

14. Fascinate with Facts: 

Create educational content. It could be “101 ways to use a paperclip” or “The fascinating life of left-handed snails.” Who doesn’t want to learn something new and absolutely random?

15. The Power of Playlists: 

Organize your videos into playlists based on themes. It could be anything from “Epic Sandwich Making Tuesdays” to “Thursdays with Mr. Socks the Cat.” 

16. Utilize Holidays and Events: 

Make special videos for holidays and current events. This could be something like “HoSurvivedived Valentine’s Day with only Chocolate,” or “Untraditional Uses for Christmas Decorations.”

17. Caption This: 

Add subtitles to your videos. It’s a great accessibility feature and could lead to unexpected hilarity. Imagine if “I love surfing” turned into “I love suffering.” Just remember, that’s humor, not a piece of lifestyle advice!

18. Share Your Expertise: 

DIY and How-To videos are always a hit. Teach people something unique like “How to perfectly align your socks drawer” or “How to throw a surprise party for your pet.”

19. Promote on Other Platforms: 

Share your content on other social media platforms. Just don’t be that person who comments “CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL” on unrelated posts. Instead, subtly incorporate it into your digital conversations. For example, “Nice sunset picture, reminds me of the sunset review I did on my YouTube channel.”

20. Be Yourself: 

People appreciate authenticity. Embrace your quirks and unique traits. If you happen to have a collection of spoons from all over the world, show it off. If you can play the harmonica with your nose, let the world see that talent. Be unapologetically you, the world will appreciate it.

21. Mystery Mondays: 

Start a weekly series where you unveil or discuss something mysterious. It could be a childhood time capsule or the enigma of why socks always disappear in the wash.

22. Review Everything: 

Reviews don’t have to be limited to movies and tech gadgets. Think outside the box, and review the taste of different types of water, different brands of bread, or even different types of clouds. “Today, we’re rating the fluffiness of Cumulus vs. Cirrus. Let’s dive right in!”

23. Make it a Marathon: 

Host a series of connected videos that encourage binge-watching. This could be a gripping saga like “The Chronicles of My Failed Attempt to Make Sourdough Bread” or “The 7-day Minimalist Challenge: Living with Just WiFi and Pizza”.

24. Your Opinion Matters: 

Share your views on different topics. From climate change to who you think should’ve won the latest reality TV show, your perspective could make for compelling content. Remember, even the silliest debates can be interesting, like whether pineapple belongs on pizza.

25. Create a Viral Challenge: 

Everyone loves a good challenge video. But who says it needs to be extreme? Try creating the “Who Can Stay Quiet the Longest” challenge. Your viewers might just appreciate the serenity.

26. Let’s Get Personal: 

Share your own stories and experiences. They could be hilarious, sad, or thrilling. You might be surprised how many people can relate to your struggle of opening a tightly sealed jar of pickles.

27. Movie in Minutes: 

Summarize and re-enact your favorite movies in under five minutes. Sure, it won’t be a Hollywood blockbuster, but it might just give “Gone with the Wind” a run for its money.

28. Charity Stream: 

Host a live stream where you collect donations for a cause you care about. Plus, if you decide to game for 24 hours straight to raise money, that’s quite a few watch hours you can rack up.

29. Start a Series: 

Create a series about something you’re passionate about. “Storytime Sundays” or “Weird Facts Wednesdays” could be your ticket to regular, engaged viewers.

Keep up with viral YouTube trends and participate in them. Just make sure you add your unique spin. For instance, turn the “100 Layers” challenge into the “100 Layers of Sticky NotesMyn my Bedroom Wall.” Just be ready for a colorful cleanup!

31. Time-Travel Thursdays: Dig into the past and share old photos or nostalgic items, discussing their backstory. People love a trip down memory lane, especially if that lane is paved with 90s pop music CDs and retro toys.

32. The Great Outdoors: 

Get outside and vlog in a new environment. You could explore local parks, and forests, or even document your misadventures in assembling a camping tent.

33. Animated Adventures: 

Try your hand at animation. It doesn’t need to be Disney-standard, even simple stick-figure adventures can entertain and amuse.

34. Host Virtual Tours: 

Not everyone can travel, so bring the world to your viewers. You could explore a local museum, walk around a historical landmark, or show off the ‘exotic’ destination of your backyard.

35. You vs. Wild: 

Document your attempts to learn survival skills. Your struggle with lighting a fire or setting up a shelter might just be the entertaining escapade your viewers need. 

36. Extreme Makeover: 

Room Edition: Revamp a part of your living space and document the process. The transformation of your cluttered closet into a chic “Cloffice” (Closet-Office) could inspire others… or at least give them a good chuckle.

37. Say Cheese: 

Start a photography vlog. Teach the basics, review equipment, or simply share your journey learning photography. Beware of the ducks in the park though, they might just photobomb your perfect shots.

38. Music to My Ears: 

If you play an instrument or sing, share your music. It could be a traditional performance or a creative challenge like “Composing a Song Using Only Kitchen Utensils”.

39. Retro Revisit: 

Play old video games or react to old music videos. Your viewers will love the nostalgia, and it’s always fun to reminisce about how far we’ve come since the pixelated characters and the era of disco balls.

40. Show Your Fails:

Don’t be afraid to show when things go wrong. Your drone getting stuck in a tree or your homemade pizza landing cheese-side down might not be your proudest moments, but they’re relatable and entertaining!

41. Mimic the Masters: Recreate famous artworks with unconventional materials. How about the Mona Lisa in ketchup and mustard, or Starry Night in glitter glue? The more bizarre, the better!

42. Mystery Box Cooking: 

Have someone pick random ingredients from your kitchen and try to make a dish out of them. “Strawberry Tuna Surprise” could be your next big hit…or not.

43. Bizarre Holidays: 

Celebrate and create content around weird national and international holidays. Who knew there was a day dedicated to lost socks?

44. Versus Battle: 

Compare weird things liWhichhich is heavier, a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?” Spoiler: they’re the same. But your funny execution of these facts will make the difference.

45. Family and Friends Interview: 

Conduct funny interviews with your family and friends. Ask them to share their most embarrassing or proudest moments. Remember, humor with respect.

46. Guest Star: 

Get your pet to star in your video, even if it’s a goldfish. Just remember, the Oscar for Best Fish in a Leading Role could be yours.

47. Reading Mean Comments: 

As you gain popularity, you might receive mean or troll comments. Make a video reading and reacting to them humorously. But always remember to promote a positive online environment.

48. Household Olympics: 

Create a fun series where you compete in household chores with a twiDishwashinghing race, anyone?

49. Guessing Game: 

Play a guessing game with weird objects or food while blindfolded. Your reactions to touching a peeled tomato thinking it’s a heart could be priceless.

50. Storytelling Sessions: 

Write a silly short story or better yet, take turns adding to a story with a friend. You’d be surprised where a story about a time-traveling turtle could end up!

51. Weird Science: Conduct odd, safe, at-home science experiments. Ever wondered if potatoes really can conduct electricity? Here’s your chance to show off your inner mad scientist.

52. Ask the Audience: 

Let your viewers decide your next move through polls or comments. It could be as mundane as what color to paint your nails or as ridiculous as whether to juggle eggs or oranges.

53. Fashion Faux Pas: 

Showcase and humorously critique your old fashion choices. Those neon parachute pants might just come back in style after your video.

54. Spotlight Local Businesses: 

Visit local shops or businesses and review their products or services. Maybe the world needs to know about Maureen’s delightful yet lethal hot sauce.

55. The Power of Makeover: 

Transform yourself into different characters using makeup, clothes, and props. Ever wanted to see what you’d look like as your favorite cartoon character? Now’s the chance.

56. Start a Book Club: 

Pick a book and discuss it in depth, you can add a funny twist by acting out your favorite scenes. Who wouldn’t want to see a dramatic rendition of a cookbook’s recipes?

57. Raid the Archives: 

React to your first videos. Show your viewers that everyone starts somewhere, even if that somewhere is full of awkward pauses and questionable video quality.

58. Gadget Guru: 

Review the latest or weirdest tech gadgets. The world needs to know if that solar-powered toaster actually works.

59. Public Opinion: 

Ask for public opinion on fun topics. Go around and ask people to show off their best dance moves or share their secrets to happiness.

60. Quirky Collections: 

Showcase your collections, whether it’s stamps, coins, or different types of pasta shapes you’ve found. Your passion is what will engage the viewers, not necessarily the subject of the collection.

61. Travel Through Time: 

Recreate photos or video clips from different eras. Your viewers might appreciate seeing you try to pull off a 1980s aerobics workout or a Victorian tea party.

62. Upcycle It: 

Show your creative side by upcycling various items. Who knew an old ladder could turn into a stylish bookshelf? 

63. Mockumentary: 

Create a mockumentary on a day in the life of an ordinary object like a coffee mug or a hairbrush. Narrate its epic adventures in the most dramatic tone possible.

64. Behind the Scenes: 

Take your viewers behind the scenes of your video creation process. It could be funny to see how many tries it took you to say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” correctly.

65. Cartoon You: 

Try turning yourself into a cartoon or an anime character through editing software. It’ll be fun to see you navigate this digital transformation, with potentially hilarious outcomes.

66. 30-Day Challenge: 

Embark on a 30-day challenge and document your progress. Whether it’s learning to juggle, becoming a chess master, or trying to touch your toes, it’s the journey, not the destination, that will entertain your viewers.

67. Talent Show: 

Host a home talent show featuring your friends, family, or even your pets. Surely, your pet iguana has some hidden talents waiting to be shared with the world.

68. Plant Parenthood: 

Document your journey of becoming a plant parent. From battles with stubborn seeds to heart-to-heart conversations with your fern, it’s bound to be a leafy adventure.

69. Dream Decoder: 

Share and analyze your dreams. The one where you’re being chased by a giant marshmallow in a supermarket might make a more interesting story than you think.

70. Recreate Iconic Music Videos: 

Try to replicate famous music videos with whatever you have at home. Dancing on your kitchen table might not be quite like dancing on a stage, but it’s all about the creativity and effort you put into it!

71. The Whisper Challenge: 

This involves one person wearing headphones with loud music and trying to guess what the other person is saying. This can lead to some hilarious misunderstandings.

72. Meditation with a Twist: 

Meditate, but every time you lose focus, you need to do something silly. Perhaps wear another piece of a ridiculous costume or eat a jelly bean of an unknown flavor.

73. Cooking Without a Recipe: 

Try to make a dish that you’ve never made before without looking at a recipe. Your attempt to make sushi might turn into a rice salad, but hey, it’s the effort that counts!

74. YouTuber Impressions: 

Do your best impressions of famous YouTubers or celebrities. Just remember, it’s all in good fun and not to mock or disrespect anyone.

75. Invent a Language: 

Try to invent a new language and teach it to your viewers. You might start a new trend with your unique vocabulary and grammar rules.

76. Guess the Drawing: 

Have a friend draw something while you try to guess what it is. Their drawing skills (or lack thereof) might just become the main source of laughter.

77. Unusual ASMR: 

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos are popular for their calming and satisfying effects. Try to make an ASMR video with unusual sounds, like squishing a sponge or rustling leaves.

78. A Day as a Lefty (or a Righty): 

If you’re right-handed, try doing everything with your left hand for a day, or vice versa. Eating, writing, or even just opening a door can suddenly become a huge challenge.

79. Dress up with a Twist: 

Try to create outfits based on odd themes, like “dress like your favorite snack” or “outfit inspired by a rainbow trout”. The more absurd the theme, the funnier the result.

80. Food Tasting: 

Buy unusual or foreign foods that you’ve never tried before and record your reaction while tasting them. You might discover your new favorite snack or a food that makes you question everything you know about cuisine.

81. Song Lyric Prank: 

Prank your friends by texting them song lyrics and filming their responses. Their confusion could turn into some pretty humorous content.

82. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge: 

Try to draw something or someone while blindfolded. Your attempt at drawing a cat might turn out looking more like an alien from Mars, but that’s part of the fun.

83. Parody Tutorials: 

Make a parody of typical YouTube tutorials. Like a makeup tutorial where you only use food items or a DIY tutorial where you attempt to build a rocket out of household items.

84. Two Truths and a Lie: 

Play “Two Truths and a Lie” with your viewers. Make the truths so unbelievable and the lie so believable that it becomes a game of intricate detective work.

85. Bloopers and Outtakes: 

Share a compilation of your bloopers and outtakes. Showing your goof-ups and laughter could be just as entertaining, if not more, than the original content.

86. Baby Food Challenge: 

Blind taste different flavors of baby food and try to guess what they are. You may develop a newfound respect for babies.

87. Reverse Talk Challenge: 

Say a sentence backward, record it, and then play it in reverse. It will sound like you’re speaking an alien language, and it’s hilarious trying to figure out what you’re saying.

88. Yoga Challenge: 

Try to recreate some complex yoga poses. Just remember not to hurt yourself when trying to become a human pretzel.

89. The Floor is Lava Challenge: 

A good old-fashioned game of “The floor is lava” could be turned into a thrilling obstacle course at home.

90. 24-Hour Challenge: 

Pick a theme and stick to it for 24 hours. It could be saying “Yes” to everything, eating only one type of food, or speaking in rhymes. This could make for some very entertaining content!

91. Caption This: 

Take funny or absurd photos and ask your viewers to caption them. You can then make a video reviewing the best captions.

92. The Sticky Note Challenge: 

Write a bunch of activities on sticky notes and stick them onto a dartboard. Throw a dart and do whatever activity it lands on. Be sure to mix some fun and funny tasks in there!

93. Out of Context: 

React to videos or clips that are completely out of context. The confusion and potential misunderstanding could lead to some funny commentary.

94. Fast Forward Chef: 

Try cooking a recipe while watching a sped-up cooking tutorial. The rushed pace and your potential culinary mishaps could be a recipe for hilarity.

95. Try Not to Laugh Challenge: 

You and a friend watch funny clips or tell each other jokes with water in your mouths. The first person to laugh and spit out the water loses.

96. Comedy Sketches: 

Write and act out comedy sketches. You could recreate humorous situations you’ve found yourself in or imagine funny scenarios that could happen.

97. Reinvent Superheroes: 

Imagine and present a new, funny backstory or power for your favorite superhero. What if Superman was actually super scared of heights?

98. Scavenger Hunt: 

Set up a scavenger hunt at home or in your neighborhood. The crazier the objects you have to find, the better.

99. Recreate Viral Photos: 

Try to recreate viral photos or images, but add a funny twist to them. Maybe recreate the iconic “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” photo but with action figures.

100. Bedtime Stories: 

Narrate bedtime stories, but with humorous additions or changes. What if Cinderella was actually a kickboxer, or if the Big Bad Wolf was afraid of sheep? It’s your story, you make the rules!

101. Wrong Lyrics Karaoke: 

Sing popular songs but intentionally mess up the lyrics. “Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to disagree?”

102. Impromptu Dance-off: 

Have an impromptu dance-off with friends or family members. Make sure to include some funky, made-up-on-the-spot dance moves.

103. Time Capsule: 

Create a time capsule and make predictions about the future. You could predict that by 2050, we’ll all be riding flying unicorns to work!

104. Charades: 

Play a game of charades where the themes are totally ridiculous. Try acting out “an octopus baking a pie” or “a T-Rex doing ballet”.

105. Exaggerated Morning Routine: 

Share your morning routine, but exaggerate every step. For example, instead of a simple shower, you have an indoor rainforest waterfall experience.

106. Dramatic Readings: 

Do dramatic readings of mundane things like grocery lists or user manuals. Who knew that instructions for a toaster could sound like a Shakespearean tragedy?

107. Extreme Room Tour: 

Show a room tour, but make it extreme. Maybe your bathroom becomes a luxury spa, or your living room is actually a safari jungle.

108. News Report Parody: 

Create a parody of a news report. You could cover breaking news about the ongoing turf war between local squirrels and pigeons.

109. Thrift Store Fashion Show: 

Buy the most unusual clothes from a thrift store and put on a fashion show. Make sure to strut your stuff on the runway, even if you’re wearing a neon green polka-dotted jumpsuit.

110. Funny Pet Commentary: 

Provide hilarious commentary for a day in the life of your pet. Give your audience a glimpse into the dramatic world of Mr. Whiskers the cat or Bark Twain the dog.


A lot of these ideas are obvious. But I think are exposed to so much content,  we don’t always recognize some of the themes and ideas that we can apply to our own channels.

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