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How to Download Youtube Shorts for Free on your iPhone

You see an amazing video you want to save for posterity. You go to download the video, just like you do in TikTok…and then you realize, you aren’t even on TikTok. One of YouTube’s strategies is not making it easy to download files. This way you need to be actively on youtube shorts to watch youtube shorts.

The easiest way to record for free is to use the screen recording feature on your iPhone itself!

  1. Load your youtube Short on your Youtube App.
  2. Swipe down from the top right of your screen to open ‘control center’.
  3. Hit the screen record button in the bottom left of the screen….it will count down for 3 seconds.
  4. Swipe control-center up out of the way
  5. Play your youtube short
  6. When done press the red recording icon in top left….if that’s not there, you will have to shut the recording down from the control center again.
  7. Use your Photos app to find your video, and edit it down to the right size etc.


Why is my recording black?

Sometimes youtube goes through phases where they block you from being able to record. 

Try bringing up Iphones App Center (swipe up from bottom of screen), and killing youtube app.

Sometimes it’s just a glitch that a phone Restart can fix.

Another reason is sometimes they have DRM content playing that will only record a black screen.

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