12 Easy (and Free) Ways to Get More Views on YouTube in 2023

YouTube evolves… Long gone was that time dominated mainly by hilarious cat video footage or dogs playing on skateboards. YouTube now offers marketing opportunities for businesses. YouTube has a daily viewing volume of over 1.5 billion. I guess it’s true that over 63 percent of all businesses use Youtube for videos and videos. Isn’t this crazy? This is amazing for you because using Youtube efficiently can be very powerful for business. You can get more free videos on YouTube. How do I increase my YouTube views?

Make good content (that nobody else is making)

Oh yeah. That’s all right. Tell me the best tips to get the maximum views on YouTube. Get a lot of quality materials. Create content that no one makes. This should be our first recommendation. When looking at YouTube it is easy to find what you’re looking for. I know your lovely people will never have thought of dropping down so low, but I feel very important that we all go from the jump together. How can you succeed on YouTube? Is that true?

Make content your subscribers want

This is sort of a catch-22, but you shouldn’t make videos just to get subscribers who won’t watch all your videos. If you get subscribers outside of your regular audience, YouTube will eventually stop promoting your videos since your fake subscribers aren’t interested in your regular content. Make the videos you want your subscribers to see, and let your subscribers come from subscribing to videos that you want to make.

SEO for YouTube video descriptions

The other attribute you have to improve is the video descriptions. Although your name may not appear as important your description will be included in the search results. Always include your keyword one time! Keyword targeting is different than keyword stuffing. The key is to list specific keywords and to show the relevant content on the web.

Create Compelling Thumbnail Images

A thumbnail is a preview of a video image. This small image should make your YouTube views huge. If you want an image to be uploaded, you can pick a thumbnail image from an automatic thumbnail generator. But no. Alternatively upload an image to a website. YouTube says 90 percent of YouTube videos are used on top YouTube videos and for good reason. Please verify your YouTube account before you can use it. The right thumbnails can enhance videos and make them more noticeable.

Create relevant playlists to grow viewers

Playlists will help you to keep your audience on track. You also must cover relevant videos to group these into playlists. In addition, you can add videos that are related to a specific article by creating a library. You can also create your own playlist by naming it. Keep it brief and concise. It would be useful if you switched the playlist layouts. Make sure to keep the playlists vertical rather than keep them horizontal.

Promote Other Videos with End Screens and Cards

Cards or screen ends can also be useful to promote video your other videos to gain more views. You must first log into YouTube to use these functions. For more information, please see your profile at the top right. You will see more videos and add new features on the YouTube channels. We now need more information on the final screen, Cards. The end screen will provide the frame for highlighting the call-to-action at the beginning of the video. A card is something that can appear anytime during a video. YouTube prefers that your subscribers watch to the end of your video and stay on YouTube watching a recommended video, rather than clicking away to some other website.

Use community posts to ask your subscribers what they want to see, so you can make those kinds of videos. Or you can advertise an upcoming video posting. Promote comments and a way for subscribers to interact and engage with you.

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel

Your subscribers count corresponds to your organic reach on YouTube. The more people you have in your channels, the more views it will receive when it publishes. Increasing subscribers is arguably one of the challenges of growing the number of your followers, but it’s also an important part of the growing views of your website. This will help increase your YouTube views in no time.

Write a blog post to accompany each video

How can you promote your YouTube video on blogs? Yes. It takes longer, and it’s much more beneficial. I am using this method to increase traffic to my YouTube channel with no hassle to the user. In addition for prospects who prefer watching rather than learning, a video will certainly boost user satisfaction. Since you are already working on a script, you don’t have to spend much time creating the content. Of course….this assumes you have a blog…

Publish Your Videos at The Best Time

People should view your videos. It’s now a little easier to understand because YouTube records the time of your users’ visits to YouTube. You may dig through your “What happens when viewers visit YouTube” report to find peak times and publish content within ten minutes of peak time. Publishing early allows your users the chance of seeing your latest video, resulting in greater views. The report should be accessible via an online page of your channel, click Customise channel, click Analytics under your channel profile picture, and click the Audience tab. After your video reaches a certain number of views it will also show heat maps of when your audience generally watches your videos

Get more views from suggested videos

YouTube recommends videos on the same subject. The picture appears in the right corner and on the watch pages. Your video will likely receive much more views in the video suggestions section. This happens since YT algorithms add videos in the section by adding related videos alongside other ranking parameters like viewers’ watch history. A new study by Brain Dean confirms the correlation between YouTube video tags and video-based search engine rankings. What is the easiest way to access the recommended videos? Use a meta tag to rank your video.

Keep posting and getting better!

Even the most popular creators started from 0 views and 0 subscribers. Keep posting on a regular schedule. Keep trying to get 1% better after every video no matter what the result. Being good as a Creator is a muscle that can be trained, but not if you are skipping your workouts.


YouTube is constantly evolving, and strategies may keep changing as the Algorithm is updated. Sticking with the basics helps you keep your views and channel growing. Keep evolving and getting better yourself to grow yourself and your channel in the future.

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