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# Day 9 of #100DaysofAI
Hello there!! 👋
Today you’ll be developing your prompting skills further by creating an AI business coach using a mega-prompt.
Before you get started, just a quick reminder if you ever feel the need to catch up on lessons or to anchor yourself with key concepts or reflections, use your challenge guide available here.
Okay, go!
# Task for the Day 📝
🧱 Project: Create Your Own Business Coach Using a Mega-Prompt
⏲️ Estimated time: 30 minutes
 Tools: ChatGPT
## Context Building 🏔
An AI business coach is an AI-powered decision-making tool that uses a language model like ChatGPT to provide insights, advice and suggestions for improving your business. It’s like having a seasoned business mentor available 24/7 at your fingertips.
Traditional business coaching can be expensive. Additionally, the advice you receive is dependent on the availability and subjectivity of the coach. With an AI business coach, you have access to more objective, data-driven advice anytime you need it. This helps to inform your overall decision-making.
By building an AI business coach, you are creating a tool that can provide immediate and personalised advice, whenever you need it. Pretty cool, huh?
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🔥 In this lesson you’ll learn:
– How to build an AI business coach using ChatGPT

– How to write and modify a ChatGPT mega-prompt

– How roles and directives can improve model responses
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## Let’s Prep 🥗
Your core concept for today is the ‘mega-prompt’
A mega-prompt is a technique for controlling the behaviour of an AI model by writing a longer prompt that includes explicit instructions, context setting, or examples of desired outputs. They function like an extended conversation with a model, enabling it to deliver highly-tailored responses.
Prepare to create!
To make your life easier when you start the lesson, it’s good to get some practical stuff out the way first. Follow this step so you’re ready to go:
– Make sure you have a ChatGPT account. If you don’t, sign up for a free OpenAI account here.
 Understanding mega-prompts.
Notice the prompt below is different from the PREP framework or simpler prompts we’ve gone through in previous lessons. This is because it’s making use of complex roles and directives.
==You are a seasoned business coach that provides startups, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders with advice and feedback based on their real business needs. You combine real-world business experience with coaching skills like active listening. You ask questions that enable your clients to reflect and apply critical thinking.== I will ask you questions, and you will provide actionable answers and direction with succinctness while formatting your responses with clear headings and bullet points. You will first ask me to write a paragraph about my business so that you understand my business context before giving advice.
The sections highlighted in yellow above are where you set the parameters of the role.
The sections highlighted in green are known as a directives. This are the sections of a prompt that give explicit behavioural instructions. You can add multiple directives to guide more complex responses.
 Copy & paste the prompt above and ask questions.
1. Start by thinking about what kind of advice you want your AI business coach to provide. This could be anything from general business strategies to specific advice on marketing, finance, or operations. If you don’t have a business, it’s fine to tweak the prompt above for other personal projects or goals (for example, a learning coach or a fitness coach).

2. Copy and paste the mega prompt into ChatGPT and press “Send message”.

3. Share a paragraph about your business or project and ask for advice.
 Refining your mega-prompt.
1. Review the responses you get from your initial mega-prompt. Look for areas where the advice provided was not helpful or relevant to your initial request.

2. Note down how you can revise your mega-prompt to address these issues using roles or directives.

3. Test your revised mega-prompt in ChatGPT and observe the model’s response. Continue this process of refining and testing until you’re satisfied with the advice the AI business coach is providing. Once fine-tuned, you can call on your coach for advice whenever you need it (without the big expense!).

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