Day 7 of 100DaysOfAI Reflection

Hello there!! 👋

Congrats on making it to Day 7! Let’s get into today’s lesson where you’ll reflect on your first week of this challenge.

Task for the day 📝
🧱 Project: Reflect on your 1st week and complete Checkpoint #1
⏲️ Estimated time: 15-20 mins
🛠️ Tools: N/A

Context building 🏔
Whilst very exciting, learning any new skill can be a little overwhelming and exhausting!

That’s why today it’s important for you to put down your digital tools, reflect and process what you’ve learnt this week.

Just to recap, this week you’ve built:

  • An autopilot for email ➡️ to revise email content and tone
  • A document generator ➡️ to draft docs effortlessly
  • A portfolio website ➡️ to showcase your AI projects
  • A feedback form ➡️ to collect detailed project feedback

All with the help of AI.

Including: ChatGPT, Dorik, Chipp & involve.me. That’s pretty impressive!

Time to Cook 👩‍🍳
👇 There’s a quote by John Dewey that I really like: “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” Give yourself the opportunity to learn through reflection by following these steps:

1️⃣ Find somewhere quiet and write down your thoughts on the following three questions:

What are your key takeaways from this 1st week?
these are bite sized enough to do every morning.

What did you enjoy most from this 1st week?
Just being able to make progress without getting stuck on what to do next.

What do you want to dive deeper into or learn more about in the coming days and weeks?
Just want to be exposed to everything AI to find dir3ections to go in the future.

Answering these questions will help you process what you’ve learnt and pinpoint tools or topics that are most interesting to you. When you hit Phase 3 of this program, it’ll be far easier for you to pick which learning paths to dive into.

2️⃣ To make sure your friends keep holding you accountable and as a way to leave a digital reference that you can look back on, share your answers with others! I recommend writing this as a mini Twitter thread.

3️⃣ To continue with your learning adventure, please take 3 minutes to complete this Checkpoint #1

What’s working?
Doing these every morning and having a concrete plan is helping me do this. I am creating notes i can review in Obsidian which is pretty easy to convert to a daily blog.

What’s not working?
I’m afraid this will just be a collection of tools that might not be of much benefit.

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