Day 6 of 100DaysOfAI creating a form

In this lesson you’re going to be building a form using no-code and AI with involve.me.

You’ll learn how to quickly build engaging forms using AI, use conditional logic to guide desired outcomes and use involve.me’s no-code editor to customise forms for the best user experience possible.

Time to flow…🌊

Task for the day 📝
🧱 Project: How to build a form with no-code and AI
⏲️ Estimated time: 30 minutes
🛠️ Tools: involve.me

Context building 🏔
Learning how to create forms is an invaluable skill for any creator.

Here are some common use cases for online forms:

  • Gather detailed feedback on your latest creation, whether it’s art, music, writing, or a digital product.
  • Understand your audience’s preferences to tailor your future projects.
  • Collect testimonials or reviews to bolster your online reputation.
  • Easily register participants for workshops, online courses, or events.
  • Gather insights for future content, understanding what your audience craves.
  • Streamline the process of collaboration, if you’re looking for partners or co-creators.
  • Curate a space for your fans or clients to share their stories or experiences with your work.

In this lesson you’re going to create a feedback form.

A well-structured and intuitive digital feedback form can help you to gather detailed insights that enable you to make data-informed decisions.

In this lesson you’ll learn…

  • How to build a form using AI
  • How to use conditional logic to improve data collection
  • How to use involve.me’s no-code form features to customise your form

Let’s prep 🥗
If you’re currently working on a project that you could create a feedback form for, feel free to follow along with guide, but using your own project example.

If you don’t need to create a feedback form for a real-life project, you can simply follow along with the specific example in the guide where we create a feedback form for students currently enrolled in 100DaysofAI.

Publishing your form is an optional step for this lesson. The main goal is to become familiar with how you can use a combination of AI and no-code to quickly create engaging and highly relevant feedback forms.

🔥 Get ready to build!

To make your life easier when you build, it’s good to get some practical stuff out the way first. Follow these steps so you’re ready to build:

Sign up for an account with involve.me

Time to cook 👩‍🍳
Follow the steps below to build…

1️⃣ Create your account with involve.me.
2️⃣ Follow this step-by-step guide to complete this lesson.
3️⃣ (Optional) Have a form you want to share with the community? Publish it and share it using #100DaysofAI

It’s good to know nocode tools for getting things done. You might be inspired to create a service and don’t realize that it already exists. Using other tools can also give you a sense of what things are good, and not good. Or perhaps you can find gaps in service/benefits that you can fix with your own product or idea.

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