Day 4 of 100DaysOfAI

Todays challenge was to use AI to make a Landing Page. In this case, it’s as easy as using a website called Dorik. I would say that compared to using wordpress, it is kind of cool to sort of freeform generate and be able to customize parts you don’t like. As opposed to the wordpress method of finding a template you like and then hammering your content into it. I was easily able to change the layout and images by utilizing Prompts. WebDevelopers better watch out!

this is the url to the landing page i generated in just minutes. I didn’t do a lot of customization, just moved some columns around and modify the images


below is information directly from the 100 days of AI challenge

Hey there!

Welcome to all the new folks who are joining us! In case you need to catch up on any previous lessons, use this guide 😊

In this lesson you’re going to build a website in Dorik using AI. You’ll focus just on the homepage design in this lesson, learning how to generate the entire website from one command and then tweaking specific sections and elements of the homepage using Dorik’s AI functionality.

Let’s build! 💻

Task for the day 📝
🧱 Project: How to build a landing page with AI

⏲️ Estimated time: 30 minutes

🛠️ Tools: Dorik

Context building 🏔
Drag-and-drop landing page builders have been commonplace for 20 years, helping to decrease the technical barrier when creating websites and landing pages.

Despite a huge selection of low and no-code website building platforms making landing page building more accessible, it can still require some design knowledge to ensure you deliver an aesthetically pleasing design with a great user experience.

Until now. ⚡

Harnessing the power of AI, Dorik enables you to create and edit websites using just AI prompts.

You simply describe what it is you’re looking to create, sit back and watch the magic happen.

If you’ve ever found website or landing page design a little overwhelming, this is a great way to get over that hurdle and get your website off the ground.

You don’t need to know about AI prompting to complete this lesson. Dorik helpfully features suggested ‘Commands’ in various places throughout the platform, and you can also follow along using the examples in this lesson’s step-by-step guide.

In this lesson you’ll learn…

How to generate an entire website with just one AI command

How to use Dorik’s AI text generation functionality to write copy for your page

How to redesign entire sections of your page using AI commands

Let’s prep 🥗
If you’re familiar with AI prompting, feel free to get creative with modifiers when describing the look and feel of the website you want to create or element you want to edit.

If you don’t know anything about AI prompting, don’t worry. You can simply follow along with the examples in the guide, or take note of Dorik’s suggested commands.

🔥 Get ready to build!

To make your life easier when you build, it’s good to get some practical stuff out the way first. Follow these steps so you’re ready to build:

Create an account with Dorik and watch the introduction video.

Time to cook 👩‍🍳
Follow the steps below to build…

1️⃣ Create your account with Dorik and watch the introductory video. https://link.mail.beehiiv.com/ss/c/u001.nNLH44vmvcFo8HULWsRknNRgYgKZZTe4TNYGTDXdS2qTZZ56i8d0jDGctmyaUcvejWVil3rkUm_K0AJqAelZcmP1GW6Mfz-MmIKIQBnsCc4/458/s1V6GNpjT96YTlrhBH6fzQ/h12/h001.A-zGuWq4pYeuv7zdCH4UgGBuHzTMebD8dfm8BZ9H5qI

2️⃣ Follow this step-by-step guide for building a website in Dorik and customising the homepage
this step-by-step guide

3️⃣ Save your website and share a screenshot of your landing page with the community.

Share your landing page creations using #100DaysofAI

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