Day 3 of 100 days of AI

Generating content with PREP framework

Today’s lesson is about generating content using ChatGPT. This helps you quickly generate documents that typcially take a long time to create like project proposals, meeting minutes, and project manuals. this will give you more time for strategic and higher impact tasks.

this is the PREP framework:

  • Prompt: Setting the context for your interaction with ChatGPT.
  • Role: Defining ChatGPT’s role in this scenario.
  • Explicit Instruction: Clearly stating what you want ChatGPT to do.
  • Parameters: Defining the scope and limits of the task.
  • Things to think about when making this prompt

What is the framework?
1) Generate PREP content with the above crafted prompt
What’s the goal of this document?
What kind of knowledge should ChatGPT have to write this?
What type of document do you need to be written – a technical one, a customer support doc, a business process?
– What length and tone should this document have?
2) Modify and Refine your document
– use prompts to summarize, embellish, or refine the text that has been created
3) Finalize Document- put in text editor or through grammarly

  • Example prompts
    • Product Requirements Document (PRD)
      • Prompt: We’re working on a new feature for our app that will help users message each other securely called WhosApp.
      • Role: You’re an expert product manager with deep technical and design experience.
      • Explicit Instruction: Draft a product requirements document for this feature. The document should include sections such as: an overview, goals, features, user experience, and technical requirements. The product features are messaging, user profiles and login.
      • Parameters: The document should be detailed but succinct, aiming for about 2-3 pages in length.|
    • Legal Document
      • Prompt: We need to create a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for a potential business partnership between our company WhosApp and a contractor.
      • Role: You are an experienced legal advisor who understands the intricacies of business law.
      • Explicit Instruction: Draft a comprehensive NDA. The document should include sections like: definition of confidential information, obligations and exceptions, term and termination, and legal remedies.
      • Parameter: Aim for a complete, legally sound document consistent with US commonwealth law, but keep it as concise as possible, ideally not more than 5 pages.
    • Marketing Strategy
      • We’re launching a new product called WhosApp and need to create a marketing strategy to promote it. WhosApp is a secure messaging app for people who care about privacy.
      • You’re a seasoned marketing strategist with a knack for innovative and impactful campaigns.
      • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. The strategy should cover sections such as: executive summary, target audience, unique selling proposition, marketing tactics, budget, and key performance indicators (KPIs).
      • The strategy should be thorough and should fit within a 3-page document.


Having frameworks for prompts allows us to have more thoughtful and consistent results. Having the frameworks prebuilt allows us to get a bigger chunk of what we want from the start. We just have to whittle away a little bit of material to reveal the statue. Typing prompts on the fly is more akin to getting a giant slab of Rock to sculpt from scratch!

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