Day 23 of #100DaysOfAI Assistant

Hello there!! 👋
Today, you will begin a new augmenter track that explores how AI can assist you in gaining inspiration, enhancing your thinking abilities, conducting research, and connecting ideas more effectively.
Let’s go!
Task for the Day 
🧱 Project: Build a Thinking Partner With AI
⏲️ Estimated time: 15 minutes
🛠️ Tools: ChatGPT
Context Building 
Before AI, we needed guidance from mentors, peers, or close friends when making tough decisions in our lives. With AI we now have a first, second or third partner of thought to inform our decision-making.
That’s exactly what you’re going to be building today, a thinking partner using a custom GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer).
According to writer Anne-Laure, here are some of the ways you can use a custom GPT as a thinking partner:
Analyse your journal entries to identify emotional patterns and spot recurring behaviorsIdentify blind spots and cognitive biases that might cloud your judgmentAssist you in making more informed and rational decisionsGuide you through priority-setting exercises to sort through your task listProvide metacognitive prompts to encourage you to think about your thinkingPrepare yourself for difficult conversations and defuse conflictBrainstorm for a new project with fresh perspectives and creative ideasHelp you understand and manage your feelings more effectively
In this lesson you’ll learn:
How to customize ChatGPTHow to think better with AI
Time to Cook 
 Follow the steps in the guide below.
Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own customized GPT within ChatGPT.
Note: To create multiple GPTs in ChatGPT, upgrading to the Plus plan is required.
 Experiment with your custom-GPT.
Test different queries and toggle your custom GPT on and off to see how the responses differ. Using real-life scenarios of decisions you’re having to make or obstacles you need to overcome will work best.

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