Day 20 of #100DaysOfAI Creating Video

Hello there!! 👋
Today you’ll become an AI director as you create a video using Runway.
…and ACTION. 🎬
Task for the Day 📝
🧱 Project: Create a Video with Runway
⏲️ Estimated time: 30 minutes
🛠️ ToolsRunway
Context Building 🏔
In today’s lesson you’re going to be using your prompting skills to create videos!
With AI, we’re now experiencing the democratization of video creation. Non-professionals can now create high-quality videos without needing to access expensive video equipment. You don’t even need video editing skills to create videos, as video creation and editing can now be completed using text prompts.
Watch this short video for an overview of what you can create using the tool you’ll be using today, Runway.
In this lesson you’ll learn:
How to create videos from text prompts using RunwayEditing videos in Runway using StylesCreating videos from images using Runway’s ‘Motion Brush’ functionality
Let’s Prep 🥗
There are two exercises in this lesson.
Creating a new video using a text prompt.Creating a new video from a static image using Runway’s ‘Motion Brush’ functionality.
For exercise 1, you can use the suggested text prompt in the guide. However, this video from Runway also has some great examples of how to construct text prompts for generating AI videos:
🔥 Get ready to build!
For the second exercise today, it’ll be helpful if you have a selfie or photo of your pet ready to upload from your device. You’ll be able to follow along with any image of your choice, but selfies and pet photos will work best for the lesson example.
Time to cook 👩‍🍳
Follow the steps below to build:
1️⃣ Follow this step-by-step guide for creating a video in Runway using a text prompt.
2️⃣ Follow this step-by-step guide for creating a video in Runway using an image and applying Motion Brush.

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