Day 17 of 100 Days of AI Write with AI

Day 17 of #100DaysOfAI
Hello there!! 👋
Welcome to the creator track! This track is designed to help you create. You’ll experiment with music, voice synthesis, writing and video!
Today you’ll be exploring AI-assisted creative writing using two new tools – Sudowrite and Checklet.
You’ll write a fictional story about your week in AI using Sudowrite and use Checklet to create some jokes about AI.
Time to write 📝
Task for the Day 📝
🧱 Project: Write Better With AI
⏲️ Estimated time: 30 minutes
🛠️ Tools: SudowriteChatGPTChecklet
Context Building 
So far you have used AI to assist with academic writing such as emails, meeting notes, and documents.
In this lesson, you’ll test how AI can help you with more creative forms of writing.
You’ll write a fictional story about your week in AI using Sudowrite. Sudowrite is an excellent solution for fiction writers that want to remove the friction from creative writing. (friction from fiction!)
You’ll then move on to using Checklet to polish some jokes that you’re going to write using ChatGPT! You can think of Checklet as a customised editing solution that will check your writing against specific criteria that you feed it. It’s like having your very own editor! In this lesson, you’re going to use Checklet’s ‘One-Liner Superstar’ Checker to polish up some jokes.
In this lesson you’ll learn:
How to write stories using SudowriteHow to rephrase paragraphs in SudowriteHow to use ChatGPT and Checklet in combination to write and polish jokes
Let’s Prep 
🔥 Get ready to build!
To make your life easier when you build, it’s good to get some practical stuff out the way first. Follow these steps so you’re ready to build:
Create a ChatGPT account.
Time to Cook 
Follow the steps below to build:
1️⃣ Follow this step-by-step guide to write a fictional story of your week in AI using Sudowrite.
2️⃣ Use ChatGPT to generate 10 one-liner jokes about AI.
3️⃣ Follow this guide to revise your jokes using Checklet.

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