Day 15 of 100DaysOfAI Phase2

Hello there!! 👋
Congrats on making it to the end of Phase 1 of 100DaysOfAI 🎉
Take today to look forward (or do a little catch-up if you need to).
Over the next 3 weeks of Phase 2, you’ll dive deeper into some of the most common AI use cases. You’ll build upon your existing foundational skills while continuing to learn new platforms and AI principles.
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Phase 2 is comprised of 5 tracks:
1. Creator. Here you’re going to be using AI for rich-media production including videos, music and voice.

2. Augmenter. This is where you’ll learn how to habitually use AI to improve your efficiency, productivity and workflows.

3. Art. You’ll add a new layer to your creativity with AI-generated images and video.

4. Marketing. Here you’ll use AI to aid marketing strategy, email management and asset creation.

5. Sales. You’ll create a sales copilot and will discover the easiest ways to create engaging slide decks.

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