Day 14 of 100DaysOfAI Reflect

Congratulations on making it to the end of Phase 1 of #100DaysOfAI 🎉
Today’s a day to recap and reflect.
# Task for the day 📝
🧱 Project: Recap & Reflect on Week 2
⏲️ Estimated time: 30 mins
🛠️ Tools: None
## ☕ Shot of Inspiration
The human brain has two modes of thinking – the focused mode and the diffuse mode. The focused mode is when we concentrate intently on a task or problem, while the diffuse mode is a more relaxed, subconscious state of mind that allows our brain to make creative connections and problem-solving insights.
Do you ever find your best ideas come to you in the shower, or when you’re out for a long walk? These moments are when our brains get to rest from active tasks, allowing for new connections to be made. 🧠
### Context Building 📝
You’ve learnt lots so far about AI processes, principles, platforms and prompts! This has included using AI to:
⚡️Write better emails

⚡️ Generate strategy documents

⚡️ Build landing pages

⚡️ Build a personalised chatbot

⚡️ Generate forms and surveys

⚡️ Build a speech-to-text app

⚡️ Learn how to search and discover new topics

⚡️ Scrape data from any website

⚡️ Create guides and video documentation

⚡️ Turn long documents into useful insights
You’re already on Day 14 (this is no small thing!) Here’s a big picture snapshot of your progress so far:
| |
### 🥗 Let’s Prep
Spend some time thinking about activities you like to engage in during your downtime. Do you like to take walks or engage in some other form of light exercise? Write or journal about your experiences? Some other form of artistic expression? The important thing is that these activities don’t require mental effort, this will allow your brain to relax and make new connections subconsciously.
### 👩‍🍳 Time to Cook
1️⃣ Plan your break.
It’s great if you can use the 30 minutes you have set aside now for this lesson to take your break. It’s even better if you can block these “diffuse thinking” thinking times on your calendar to make sure you’re giving your brain the time it needs to rest.
2️⃣ Engage in diffused thinking.
Take this time to engage in activities you enjoy that require minimal mental effort.
Use your downtime and diffused thinking to get the creative juices flowing, helping you to figure out how you’ll apply your new AI skills. You don’t need to create the next unicorn startup or try to change the world. Just take a mental note of the ideas that come to you that will allow you a chance to sharpen the skills you’ve been developing over the past couple of weeks.
3️⃣ Share 🙂
Use this opportunity to share any ideas you’re contemplating building using your newly developed AI skills. Who knows, maybe your future collaborator or mentor will see your idea, leading to opportunities for feedback and collaboration?
 Advance to Phase 2!
Once you’ve shared your reflections, the last step is to let us know how you felt about Phase 1. Your answer will help us improve and will launch you into phase 2 of this learning adventure. 🚀

My thoughts:

this program is basically showing all the tools that are available with AI every day of the week. This won’t get me a job, but these bite sized chunks do show signs of my progress as well as expose me to what’s out there in the world. I can maybe copy something that looks promising, provide for a gap in their service, or perhaps avoid a whole business segment entirely.

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