Day 13 10DaysOfAI talk to my pdf

Today you will learn how to quickly extract useful insights from your PDF docs!
# Task for the Day 📝
🧱 Project: Extract Insights from a PDF
⏲️ Estimated time: 30 minutes
🛠️ ToolsChatPDF
### Context Building 📝
Today you’ll learn how to surface the most important parts of lengthy documents using ChatPDF.
ChatPDF is a chatbot for querying PDFs. It allows you to ask specific questions about a PDF document and get precise answers in return. It’s like a personal assistant who reads the entire document for you and provides you with the specific information you need in an instant.
With ChatPDF you can turn complex documents into interactive, searchable resources. It’s a game-changer for anyone who regularly works with long, detailed PDF documents.
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In this lesson you’ll learn:
– The basics of ChatPDF

– How to find the information you need from long documents
### Let’s Prep 🥗
What’s ChatPDF?
ChatPDF is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to enable you to ask questions about a PDF document and receive relevant answers in return.
What can you use ChatPDF for?
You can build everything from interactive textbooks, automated report analysers, and AI-assisted research assistants.
Prepare to create!
To make your life easier when you start this lesson, it’s good to get some practical stuff out the way first. Follow these steps so you’re ready to go!
– Create an account in ChatPDF here

– Find a PDF document you’d like to query.💡Hint: Maybe you could use one of the tools you used this week to help you find a PDF to query? Ensure it’s primarily text-based as ChatPDF does not currently interpret images or scanned text.

🚨 Important: You can use ChatPDF for free for up to 2 PDFs per day, with up to 120 pages
### Time to Cook 👩‍🍳
1️⃣ Open ChatPDF
2️⃣ Drag and drop a document from your computer into it.
3️⃣ After uploading a PDF, you’ll be taken to the chat interface. Here, you can type questions about your PDF and receive your answers.
4️⃣ Try clicking the blue send icon to ask some of the auto generated questions to see how it works!

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