100daysOfAI Day 002 Intro chatGPT and tone

Day 2 of 100 days of AI, learned how to start using chatgpt. The big thing today is using AI to rewrite emails with different tones and to summarize or expand text. Chatgpt is really just a super advanced autocomplete tool. It basically vectorizes words and phrases, and was trained to create text patterns based on ‘prompts’.

Prompts are the input we use to tell the GPT what we want. GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It uses a transformer function that has words and phrases vectorized. The vectors were created by running Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning against massive textual content. It has been trained on billions of words of text to understand the interrelationships of word vectors. It uses these vectors in order to calculate the output we want.

These are the prompts we used today:

  • Rewrite the following email in a casual tone of voice: {insert your email copy}
  • Rewrite the following email using less than 300 words: {insert your email copy}
  • I’m writing an email. Add a new section to it with concise next steps: {insert your email copy}

The GPT use the prompts as instructions in order to process the text (email) you have input.

I’m really surprised that chatgpt works as well as it does. It is able to interpret our prompts that we input as actionable instructions. It is able to use it’s transformers in order to create understandable output.

Background: 100 days of AI is a program work with AI every day over 100 days.

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